Myrsini Vardopoulou, who is an honorary member of the European Academy of Philately, was born in Athens. She has a PhD from the Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences and studied painting and engraving at the Athens School of Fine Arts and graphic art at Vakalo Art & Design College. Having been awarded a scholarship by the State Scholarships Foundation, she pursued postgraduate studies in the structure and composition of matter painting under the supervision of Nikos.

Since 1995, she has been responsible for designing and supervising the printing of the stamps and entire range of philatelic products for Hellenic Post. She is also working as advisor for philatelic isuues. Her work includes some of the most notable and widely recognised sets of Greek stamps, including issues for the Olympic Games, Mount Athos and Historical Anniversaries. Her artistic activity extends into graphic design, with the creation of logos, book covers, promotional material and posters, etc.

Her work in the field of philately has received numerous awards in Greece and abroad. In 2001, she won First Prize in Miniature Engraving at the 36th Dimitria in Thessaloniki. The EUROPA Children’s Book stamp received the First International Prize at Asiago XLI del’arte filatelica in 2011. In 2012, she was awarded the silver Olympic Medal for London Olympic Games and in 2014, was honoured with Third Prize from the European Postal Union for EUROPA Traditional National Musical Instruments, while in 2015, she came fourth in the Grands Prix de l’Art Philatélique Belge et Européen competition for her Christmas 2014 series.

In 2017, she received the Charilis Binos Award and in 2018 the Large Gold Medal in Literature section in “ITALIA 2018” for the book Greek Stamps 1861-1961: history, ideology, aesthetics.

Since 2018 she have been appointed lecturer at Athens School of Fine Art teaching postage stamps desing.

She has taken part in a number of solo and group exhibitions and activities in Greece, Italy, France, the Netherlands, Canada, Japan and South Korea.